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Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi is undoubtedly one of the most eminent religious authorities of Islam of the modern time. An outstanding Islamic scholar, leader, a theologian (Marje) and a religious authority to millions of Shia Muslims around the globe.
A charismatic leader who is well known for his high moral values, modesty and spirituality. Ayatollah Shirazi is a mentor to men and women, whether young or old, as well as children, with continuous aspiration to those who meet him and the means of access to authentic knowledge and teachings of Islam. He has made extensive contributions in various fields of learning, ranging from Jurisprudence and Theology to Politics, Economics, Non-violence and Human Rights.Deeply rooted in the holy Qur’an and the Teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), his vision and theories cover areas such as Legislation, Economics, Management, Environment, Sociology, Theology, Philosophy, History, Law and Islamic beliefs. He is recognized for his clear ideas and realistic solutions to issues that concern the mankind. He has written various books in specialized subjects that are considered to be among the most important references in their relevant fields.




Freedom of the individual in all issues, as prescribed in the teachings of Islam – such as freedom of expression, freedom of belief, etc. Ayatollah Shirazi sees freedom as the root of progress and prosperity.



Peace is an essential pillar of the political theory presented and advocated by Ayatollah Shirazi in all his books and studies. Peace is the aim and objective, as well as the means to get to the aim. Ayatollah Shirazi stresses on the fact that the consequence of peace is the safest and best. One must act peacefully in all aspects of life.



Peace and non-violence are the essence of Islam and the basis of its teachings. They are in harmony with the spirit of Islam.


Political pluralism

Ayatollah Shirazi considers pluralism as a watchdog for the conduct and behavior of the ruling body. It guarantees the sound state of the government. Pluralism is a must for any country that wants to protect a system in which freedom can thrive.


Economic Solutions

To ensure equality amongst the citizens, fair economic solutions need to be adopted to all levels of the society. This is a crucial matter for the growth and sustainability of any country. Ayatollah Shirazi offers key points and suggestions based on the Islamic Laws that tie the economic view point and rights of the citizens.


The Family

Ayatollah Shirazi has key answers to the social problems of today.



Skin color, Ethnicity and background should not prevent one from practicing his rights, pursuing his individual freedom and coexisting with others.


Economic self-sufficiency

In order to reduce and eliminate economic instability, inherited from Islamic Law, Ayatollah Shirazi suggests an Islamic banking system with zero interest, where borrowers have maximum financial growth ability at minimum expense.


All inclusiveness

Political Security, Economical stability, and all inclusive cultural establishment are some of essential needs of citizens living in a country. Shirazi foundation sees educating individuals about Prophet Mohammad’s all inclusive ideology helpful to elevate individuals to become contributors to an all-inclusive government.


Intellectual development

Ayatollah Shirazi views intellectual growth prerequisite or growth in faith and directly linked. In order for a society to grow, its intelligent assets (people) should work cooperatively as institutions and organizations to bring about overall growth.


Rights of Individuals

Recognition of Rights of individuals, as members of society or individual human beings, is one of most important avenues to prevent long term collapse of a society.